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Making Art out of Art

When your kid draws something and tells you what it is, try going a little further and helping them create a whole new picture out of the first one. For example, my daughter drew a picture in crayon and said it was a rocket, so we turned the drawing into a whole outer space scene! (photo above)

You can also do this when your kiddo draws something random that you think looks like something. Tell them what you see in their drawing and ask them if they want to make it into a new picture. If they’re not interested, don’t force it.

This is a great creative thinking craft! Ask your kiddo questions:

I love what you’re drawing! What is it a picture of? If they don’t know, ask What do you think it could be? (But don’t force them to come up with something.)

Then, have your kid try think of ways they can make the picture into something new- what else they want in the picture, what else goes with the object they created, etc.. Talk about the new picture before you begin making it, or just add things as you go.


Music and Art

"The ABC Song!"

Put some music on and let your kid draw to it! Encourage them to draw what they hear, and try this with all kinds of music!

Go Further:

-Make a music art portfolio

Celebrate Creativity!


"A bird nest" from the imagination of a 2 yr. old

Kids think creatively. In one study, when given a test to measure creative aptitude, 98% of kindergarteners scored at a genius level. Pretty impressive. So let’s celebrate our kid’s creativity!

One way to celebrate is to praise them. Another is to encourage them. And when your little genius is making something, ask them to tell you about it!!

Go Further:

-Take photos of different things your kid creates (objects, sculptures, drawings, etc…) and imagines (get a shot of them pretending to do/ be things). Make a note of what they say it is (or if they’re imagining, what their story is). Then make a book out of the photos to celebrate their imagination! You can have them help make the book if you glue pics to paper and write the captions underneath, or you can make a cheap, soft cover book through Walgreens, Snapfish, etc…   P.S. Grandparents LOVE getting things like this for random “I Love You” gifts

"Bird with a Backpack" Indi, 2 yrs.