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Shaving Cream Drawing

Spray some shaving cream onto an old cooking pan, on a tray, or straight onto the table and let your kid at it! Once it’s smoothed out, they can draw pictures, shapes, letters, numbers, etc… in it. (You might want to set some ground rules so that the shaving cream doesn’t end up everywhere… i.e. keep the shaving cream on the table, no clapping your hands hard or slapping the shaving cream, etc..)

You can also do this activity on shower/ bath tub walls, and let your kid stand up and draw.

If your child learns well with hands-on sensory activities, this is a great way to practice letters, shapes, numbers, and their name.

** Shaving cream usually smells strong. If you use a pan or tray, the smell may seep into it. Two solutions are to clean it with baking soda when you’re done, or to line the tray with aluminum foil (which actually looks pretty cool underneath of the drawings).


Window Chalk

This might not be the prettiest activity, but it’s totally fun! When your sidewalk chalk gets left out in the rain, you can use it to draw on windows. If you know it’s going to rain, leave a piece of chalk out on purpose! It’s a great rainy day activity!

You can also have your kiddo dip dry chalk into water, instead of waiting for rain. Between the dipping and the drawing, it should keep them busy for a while!

Go Further:

-Talk with your kid about how water changes the chalk. Compare and contrast a dry piece of chalk with a wet piece.

– Use this activity to practice drawing shapes, writing letters and writing numbers

Stone Name Game (for numbers too!)

Name game! Start with some thin fabric (I used white and had my daughter color on it, so she was more involved), and cut out the letters of your child’s name. Apply a thin layer of glue to the letters and lay them flat onto some smooth stones. After they’ve dried, paint over them with modge podge (your kid can do this part). Once the stones are completely dry, they’re ready to play with.

Use the letter stones for letter and name recognition. As your kid begins to recognize the letters, they can practice putting them in the right order by lining up the stones to spell their name.

An easier way: If you’re not up for cutting letters out of fabric, you can have your kiddo paint the rocks and then you can paint the letters on.

Going on a “stone hunt” prior to doing this project is a great opportunity to incorporate counting, size and shape skills (how many stones, what size and what kind of shape).

Go Further:

-You can make these stones with numbers 1-10 to practice number order, counting and recognition.

Letter/ Number Collage

First you kiddo gets to look through a magazine and go on a “letter hunt” (or number hunt). As they identify the letters, they can cut them out. Finally, they glue them onto a piece of construction paper. For a little more cutting practice, they can cut out pictures/ colors from the magazine to use as a background for their letters.