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Seasons- Torn Paper Art & Language Skills Builder

This is a craft you can do even with little little kids, since all they need to do is rip some paper up! We used cotton for snow, just because cotton is fun.

Tear strips of brown paper for the trunk and branches (or let them draw the tree), and then tear up the leaves (if you little one is having a hard time, start the tears for them) and glue them on.

Go Further:

This can be an excellent language activity:

-Help your child to come up with adjectives that describe each season

– Talk with your kid about how each season looks, sounds, feels, smells, and even tastes (winter tastes like Christmas cookies!)

-Talk with your child about the different things that happen in each season- holidays, birthdays, vacations, snow, rain, etc…


Butterfly Symmetry

Glitter and glue make a great butterfly! Fold the paper in half and then open it back up. Starting at the crease draw half of the butterfly on one side. If your child is big enough, you could draw the lines and they could trace it with glue, or they could even do it completely on their own. Next, fold the paper back over and smooth it out- the glue will transfer to the other side and when you open the paper back up, you’ll have a symmetrical full butterfly. Now it’s time to glitter it up!

Go Further:

-Have your kid experiment with symmetry. Use the same technique, but let your kiddo draw different designs and then observe how they change when they’re reflected across the line of symmetry.

Nature Tree

Make a craft using the real stuff! Collect some leaves, grass and dirt (you could even use bark instead of brown construction paper for the trunk) and use glue to recreate your outdoor scene on paper.


Crayon Leaf Rub

A classic! Just place the object under the paper and color over it. Experiment with all sorts of textures and objects.

Helpful Hint:

Tape the corners of the paper down so that it doesn’t move around as your kiddo colors.

Go Further:

-Make a portfolio or book of crayon rubs that shows different textures, with a word below each picture to describe the texture