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Nature Tree

Make a craft using the real stuff! Collect some leaves, grass and dirt (you could even use bark instead of brown construction paper for the trunk) and use glue to recreate your outdoor scene on paper.



Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

These are awesome and easy!! Take two paper towels rolls, tape them together, and then tape a shoelace on so that the binoculars can hang around your kid’s neck.

Helpful Hint:  1.You can cover each toilet paper roll in duct tape before you tape them together. This will make them a good bit stronger as well as water repellent.

Go Further:

-Take your binoculars on a hike or to the zoo. My kiddo also loves having them in the car.

– Gather stuffed animals and place them throughout the house. Then have your kid go on a safari with their new binoculars!

Rock Painting

Kids love rock pets! If you have an older kid, you can just draw the lines on the rock and have them paint it in. If you have a littler one, place masking tape over the areas that you don’t want painted with the current color (that way even toddlers can do this, and you won’t be doing the whole thing yourself).

Go Further:

Rock Puzzles– Find a few rocks that fit together to make an animal/object (turtle, caterpillar, butterfly, flower, etc…)  and paint them according to the part they are. When you’re done, your kiddo gets to put them together like a puzzle.

– If you use small thin rocks, you can hot glue a magnet to the back. This is super fun to do with the “rock puzzles.”

Go on a rock hunt with your kid. Get an idea of a rock puzzle before you head out, and then go for a walk or hike and search for the right rocks to make your creature.

Texture Hunt

Take your kiddo for a walk, a hike, or just out into the backyard, and have them hunt for different textures. Use adjectives to describe how each object feels.

Go Further:

-Have your kid draw pictures of the objects and help them write the adjectives next to the pictures

Take pictures of the objects and make a book, with one picture & adjective per page (you can do this either by gluing the pics onto paper and making a book, or you can go as far as making a book through Walgreens, Snapfish, etc…)

-Do crayon rubs with the objects (place a piece of paper over the object and rub a crayon over the paper). This will work great with some objects, and not so well with others.