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Learning Colors

Super simple project! Kids learn best when they’re part of the learning process, so let them create their own color palette to learn from. Have them paint a different color on small, separate white pieces of paper. If you want, you can glue (or use photo stick squares) the colors onto a black background and then cut them out, to give them a border.

Put them on the wall or use them as flashcards to help your kiddo learn their colors.

Go Further:

-Have your kid create two cards per color, and use them as a matching game. Be sure to put a black backing on the cards so that the colors don’t show though.


Torn Paper Collage

This one’s for toddlers- they might not be able to cut yet, but they LOVE to tear things. Just have them tear up pieces of colored paper (if your kiddo is really little, you may need to start the rips yourself and let them go from there), put a dot of glue on the back, and let them stick it onto the big piece of paper. Of course you can have older kids do this too (they still like to tear things up!).

Go Further:

-Use torn paper collages as an activity to help learn colors and shades. You can even have them go on a “color hunt,” searching through a magazine to find specific colors.