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Get Creative with Painting!

Time to think outside of the box! With your kiddo, find a few toys of theirs that you can use instead of a paintbrush. Play kitchen toys work great. Plastic knives can become palette knives, cups become circle stamps, etc…

Kids LOVE being allowed to use things for what they’re not supposed to be used for, so fun is a guarantee on this one. Encourage your kiddo to play around with how they can paint different ways with each object (i.e. thin lines, wide lines, etc…)

If you want to practice shapes, the plastic shape sorter toys work great as shape stamps!! You can also work on color recognition by doing the whole painting in shades of one color.


Rain Painting

Another super simple project! Have your kiddo paint with watercolor on watercolor paper. The more evenly it’s painted, the better it will work.

Then take your painting out into the rain and lay it flat (on something dry, so that it doesn’t soak up water from underneath) for a little while. The rain will create a painting of it’s own!

You can experiment with this project– leave it in the rain for longer or shorter lengths of time, let it dry first before taking it out into the rain, or let the rain fall on it while it’s still wet. Try mixing colors.

If it’s not raining out, you can have your kiddo make rain by dripping drops of water onto the paint.

Helpful hint: After your rain painting has dried, lay it under something heavy, like a big book, so that the paper will flatten out.

Go Further:

-Matte a rain painting and give it as a gift

Make a matte out of the rain painting (cut a rectangle slightly smaller than a photo out of the center of the painting). If you make it the right size, it will fit into a frame.

-Cut shapes out to make into cards for people

Cut letters, numbers or shapes out to use as learning tools (you can use them like flash cards or put the on the wall for recognition skills)

Rock Painting

Kids love rock pets! If you have an older kid, you can just draw the lines on the rock and have them paint it in. If you have a littler one, place masking tape over the areas that you don’t want painted with the current color (that way even toddlers can do this, and you won’t be doing the whole thing yourself).

Go Further:

Rock Puzzles– Find a few rocks that fit together to make an animal/object (turtle, caterpillar, butterfly, flower, etc…)  and paint them according to the part they are. When you’re done, your kiddo gets to put them together like a puzzle.

– If you use small thin rocks, you can hot glue a magnet to the back. This is super fun to do with the “rock puzzles.”

Go on a rock hunt with your kid. Get an idea of a rock puzzle before you head out, and then go for a walk or hike and search for the right rocks to make your creature.